Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop "Tell us about one of your posts from this week and give us a link so we can read it (review or otherwise)!"

I'd love for you to take a look at my post about the movie Never Let Me Go starring Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield based on the book by Kazuo Ishiguro.


  1. Thanks for sharing your post! Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Friday, hon - thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for stopping by on the Hop! I haven't read Never Let Me Go, but I've got it and I'm looking forward to reading it soon.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a GREAT weekend!

  5. I have links to all my recent posts in the right column. Come see what they are. Happy Blog Hop!

  6. The Post Is:

    This week I reviewed a work of suspense fiction that is such a wide departure from the thriller genre that I feel everyone – fans and foes of the genre alike – really should investigate.

    Hop on over to my blog and see for yourself –

    Howard A. Sherman, Implementor
    Get Inside a Story

  7. This week I reviewed several fictionbooks andone or two wo
    En's Christian fiction books
    I am your newest follower. I just bought never let you go. Thanks for reminding me.


  8. I haven't heard of this one, but it does sound good.

  9. Hopping through. I remember hearing a bit about that book/movie, but it's kinda fallen off the radar recently. Thanks for sharing your review.

    Have a great weekend,

  10. Newest Follower here via the Friday Hop. I'm also a new contemporary romance writer. I self-published my first book, Bronwyn's Stand, in February 2010. Hope you stop by my blog and check it out.

    Contemporary Romance Writer
    E Kelly

  11. Delphne, Sally Sapphire, Jessica, Pussreboots, Vicki-
    Thanks! for stopping by.

    Julie- An interesting read, hope you enjoy it.

    Howard Sherman- Will do!

    Paula Schuck- Thanks! for following, enjoy the book.

    Yvonne- thanks! for commenting.

    E Kelly- Thanks! for hopping by & following.