Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Being Human- 2-01-11 episode

I still continued to watch the show to see if the three roommates could survive their jobs and normal living.It seems, Rebecca, Aiden's girlfriend turned vampire by him in a moment of weakness and left for dead is embracing the dark side of her existence. Josh's sister Emily is found out by him as he accidently sees her kissing a friend in the hospital where he works ,discovering that she is a lesbian. Stay tuned.

Episode 3 summary from Daemon's TV:

Sally meets a ghostly new friend who teaches her how to cross physical boundaries like the apartment. Josh gets roped into the Neighborhood Watch against his wishes. Aidan is recognized by the son of one of his past victims, who is determined to confront Aidan about his father’s murder.


  1. I have watched Being Human S01E01. But the actor/actress are different. Do they remake it?

  2. Yep, they remade it from the original version that airs in the UK.