Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Downton Abbey - Week 2

As the day-to-day lives at Downton Abbey continue, the series seemed to get more exciting.

Lady Mary is seduced in her bedroom by a visiting Turkish diplomat. He suddenly dies the same night. With the help of her mother and a maid they take his body back to his room to avoid a scandal. This event surprised me - happening in such a proper house.

Bates, the valet, is bothered by his limp. He is tortured by a new brace, which is not helping in any way.

It is very obvious that one of Lady Mary's younger sisters has her eye on the future inheritor of Downton Abbey - Matthew Crawley.


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  2. I know I just commented but I'm so glad you posted this on your blog ... I forgot about all the cool shows that are on PBS. My sister and I used to watch Masterpiece Mystery with my dad ... brings back good memories! :-)

  3. Ev, I never used to watch Masterpiece, but the last few years, I really look forward to it.
    Thanks! for coming by.