Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Being Human- 1-24-11 episode

Thought I would watch the second episode to see if I would still be interested in the show. I was in suspense , after last week's ending, waiting to see if the werewolf was going to change in front of his sister and give himself away. The vampire came to his aid after receiving a cell phone call from the werewolf to help him.All ended well, after the vampire came and wisked her out of the room.
I like the characters in the show and the problems they will have to face dealing with day to day human life. Another turn of events happened when last weeks victim returned ,she was bitten by the vampire and now looking for someone to prey on .


  1. I thought last night's episode was even better than the first. We're learning more about the characters' pasts, which is always a plus.

  2. Check this out!))))

  3. Jamie - I decided to watch it further myself, it could get very interesting afterall.