Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Glee 12-07-10 Christmas Show

I thoroughly enjoyed last nights Christmas show . It was very entertaining and full of Sue's crazy antics.She even turned herself into the green faced Grinch, who stole all the gifts. Even the coach ,
Ms. Beast , became Santa at one point in the show. In the end , the Grinch had a heart, and returned the gifts. Arnie , was given "Robo Legs" from Santa, and was able to get up and walk, which brought tears to my eyes. The singing and choice of songs was great.


  1. I LOVED this episode! Sue as the Grinch was great!!

  2. I actually enjoyed this episode, I thought that it had more heart.

  3. Thanks! Book loving Mommy & Lizzy, I loved this episode to, glad you stopped by.

  4. without tv, I haven't gotten on board the Glee train, but the clip is cute!

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