Monday, October 18, 2010

Parnormal State-10-17-10 Episode

Ryan investigated an old house that seemed to be haunted by a woman who was held captive by a relative in her house, in the masterbedroom, and not allowed to leave the room for 6 months prior to her death.After doing some research, he called in the niece of the woman to see if he could get her spirit to move on,along with some physics. With a re-creation of the bedroom scene , the niece tried to persuade the woman's spirit to leave the house and she then walked out the front door with her. After that they all seemed to be at peace, hopefully it worked. The other case was a home haunted by little beings called pukwudgies, tricksters. The family was told to plant a strawberry vine out in the bushes of their backyard, to get rid of them, but it seems it didn't last too long.

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